Medium-early Variety Blueberries

Reka Blueberries

Derived in 1988 in New Zealand. Tall shrub, can reach 2 to 2.2 m in height, forming many stems, so the breed should be kept pruned. First-year shoots with dark red-bronze color. Smulkoki rings, white. Leaves medium-sized greens. Berries medium sized, light blue, a strong wax coated, taste good, transportable, relatively good looking, can long maintain cool, refrigerate. One of the medium-yielding early varieties of blueberries from the bush can picked 12-18 lbs, and often over 22 lbs of berries. The variety is not very suitable for mechanized picking, because fruit ripening prolonged to 5-6 weeks from 12 July. until August 20. Fairly resistant to cold, frost and fungal diseases. Reproduced only licensed farms, therefore, not available everywhere.

Blueberries Spartan

Grown since 1977, the United States. Quite a tall shrub, can reach 1.8 to 2 m in height, adult bush should be pruned every year. First-year shoots are dark red. Leaves large, elliptically, green color. Flowers large, white with a pink tinge. Berries are high or very high, with an average blue wax coated, taste very good, aromatic, transportable, beautiful appearance, it is possible to maintain the long, frozen. A variety suitable for mechanical picking. The berries ripen almost simultaneously, within two weeks of July 15-30. You can pick a two-fold. From Bush can picked 8-18 lbs. Required machinery is good. Resistant to cold, frost, however, susceptible to fungal diseases.

Blueberries Patriot

Derived in 1976 in the U.S.. Medium vigorous shrub, can reach 1.8 m height, strong stems not at gausiam yield moves. An adult must be pruned bush each year. First-year shoots are bronze shade. Leaves medium size, oval. Flowers medium-sized, white. Berries of medium to very large, medium blue with a little wax coated, sunny summer taste very good, transportable, good looks, it is possible to maintain the long, frozen. A variety suitable for mechanical picking. Berries are ripening for 3 weeks, July 20 – August 10. Can be picked 2-3 times from the bush can picked 8-20 lbs. There LEPII. Resistant to frost and fungal diseases, late spring frosts quite resistant rings, lift the temporary užmirkimą.

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