Late Yielding Blueberries

Blueberries Chandler

Bred in the U.S.. Distributed since 1994, quite a tall shrub, can reach 1.8 m height of the stems are not very strong, so if gausiam yield moves. Flowers very large, white. Berries very large, up to 3 cm in diameter, pale blue with a very high wax coated, taste good, very good appearance, aroma, but not very transportable. The variety is not suitable for mechanized picking. The fruit ripening 4-6 weeks, August 10 – September 25. You can pick 3-4 times. From Bush can pick 6-11 lbs, the average resistance to cold, late spring frosts, fungal diseases, but it is unclear how to respond to early autumn frost Lithuanian. Exceptionally dessert variety.

Blueberries Nelson

Derived in 1965 in the U.S.. Quite a tall shrub, can reach 1.8 m height, strong stems, forming many stems, so the breed should be kept pruned. Flowers large, white. Berries are very high or high, to 2.5 cm in diameter, pale blue with a large wax coated, taste good, transportable, good appearance, aroma, suitable for longer storage, refrigerate. The variety is suitable for mechanized picking. Berries are ripening for 4 weeks, August 15 – September 15. Can be picked 2-3 times. From Bush can picked 8-10 lbs. Resistant to cold, late spring frosts, fungal diseases.

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